What is Coin Society?

Coin Society provides a continuously updated, PCGS, NGC, and ANACS graded U.S. coin
price guide. The price guide is based on completed auctions and fixed price sales from ebay and other major coin auction sources.

Coin Society also provides a HotSheet of graded U.S. coins recently listed for sale or ending soon auctions on ebay that are under market.

How does this work?

Once you have subscribed to the site and have a valid account, you can view completed prices for any PCGS, NGC, or ANACS graded U.S. coin.

The HotSheet can be viewed at any time on the Coin Society website. You can also choose to have it delivered to your email inbox.

How much does this cost?

CoinSociety is a free service.

What makes this different than other U.S. Coin Price Guides?

1) We focus on data and data quality. Coin Society is completely transparent and based on completed U.S. coin transactions with links back to the original transaction. The price shown is the price that was paid. This is what we call a market price guide.

2) Coin Society only provides prices of U.S. coins that are graded by the three most reputable grading companies in the business, PCGS, NGC, and ANACS. This removes the question of what the coin is and reduces the subjectivity of the grade assigned to the coin.

3) Coin Society transactions are continuously updated to give you the most current information available. No other U.S. coin price guide provides real time updates for prices paid of graded U.S. coins.

4) Coin Society is the most detailed graded U.S. coin price guide available. From a universe of 4,116 U.S. minted coins, we have over 82,127 entries with a grade for the most comprehensive graded U.S. price guide available.